Buhid Trilingual Dictionary

This is a community-based project which aims to create a trilingual dictionary of the Buhid Mangyan language. Buhid is a language spoken by one of the eight indigenous groups, collectively known as Mangyan, in Mindoro. Like many other languages spoken by minority groups in the Philippines, it faces great competition from more dominant languages spoken in the area like Tagalog or Filipino and Bisaya.  

However, with the Department of Education’s implementation of the Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) Policy and the Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd) Policy, members of the Buhid community have expressed great interest in documenting and maintaining the use of their language. One of the steps that they have decided to undertake is to create a Buhid Dictionary that would not only serve as a document of their language, but also aid in the education of their children.

The Department provided training in dictionary-making to Buhid teachers, who gathered data from their community elders to form the corpus used in making the dictionary, and worked together with the Buhid teachers in conceptualizing the type of dictionary that they believe would be beneficial for their community.

Project Members

Fund Source

UP OVCRD-OEC Extension Grant (UPD-EG No. 171713)
Term: October 2017-October 2018


Bacolod, M.A.G., Or, E.M., & Tugas, A.I. (2022). Buhid Word ListThe Archive Journal, 3(1-2), 217-271.