The faculty of the Department of Linguistics, as an academic unit within the University of the Philippines, includes regular members, lecturers, fellows, and adjunct professors.

The regular members of the teaching staff consist of graduate students, alumni, researchers, and experts in the field whose academic qualifications allowed them to be appointed to the ranks of Instructors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Professors.

The “Lecturer” designation is given to a part-time member of the teaching staff. Depending on their qualifications, a rank of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, or Professorial Lecturer may be given.

The “Assistant Professorial Fellow”, “Associate Professorial Fellow”, and “Professorial Fellow” are titles awarded in recognition of the invaluable contributions of foreign experts with excellent track records in performing teaching/mentorship or specialized research functions in the University.

The “Adjunct Professor” designation is given to a recognized expert in a particular field from another institution willing to devote part of their time to teaching and/or research in the University.

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