Ernesto H. Cubar Research Grant

The Professor Ernesto H. Cubar Research Grant was conceived in April 2021 to honor Prof. Cubar and his contributions to the field of Philippine linguistics. The Research Grant, which was established through an endowment, will be awarded to a graduate student (MA or PhD) of the UP Department of Linguistics. The student must exhibit great potential as an academic researcher on Philippine languages and linguistics. Up to two grantees will be awarded financial support in the amount of PHP 30,000.00 each, which may be utilized for graduate school-related expenditures, such as tuition, field/informant work activities, and other reasonably justified expenses.

Ultimately, the research grant seeks to enable the Department’s graduate students to contribute research studies on Philippine languages, with a preference for underrepresented Philippine languages. It also aims to nurture them as future Filipino linguists, who would hopefully follow in the footsteps of Prof. Ernesto H. Cubar who was a key figure in the development of Philippine linguistics as former Professor of Linguistics at UP Diliman, former Chair of the Department of Linguistics, former Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, and former Commissioner of the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino.

About Prof. Ernesto H. Cubar

Prof. Ernesto H. Cubar was former Professor at the Department of Linguistics, University of the Philippines Diliman. He obtained his MA Linguistics degree from the University of California, Los Angeles under the Fulbright Smith-Mundt scholarship. Together with his wife, Dr. Nelly I. Cubar, he co-authored two monographs: A Critical Survey of the Grammars of Philippine Languages and A Critical Survey of Philippine Lexicography, as well as a book titled, Writing Filipino Grammar: Traditions & Trends. His works continue to serve as valuable reference materials for students and researchers of Philippine structural linguistics.

Prof. Cubar served as Chair of the Department in the mid-seventies and Associate Dean during the early years of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, from 1983 to 1989. He was also appointed as Commissioner of the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino in the nineties until his retirement from government service. Recently, the Department republished his groundbreaking work titled, “Topicalization and some related processes in Philippine languages” as the first title in The Archive Classics series.

To honor the life and works of Prof. Cubar, the Department of Linguistics was endowed with funds for the purpose of conceptualizing, establishing, and awarding a research grant to deserving Linguistics graduate students in UP Diliman.

About the Grant


The proponent shall be a bona fide student who is:

  • enrolled in the MA/PhD in Linguistics program at UP Diliman; and
  • has successfully completed or is currently enrolled in Lingg 299 (for MA students) or Lingg 399 (for PhD students)

The Department will prioritize applications from students who are speakers of and/or plans to conduct linguistic research on an understudied Philippine language.

Grant Rate

Each of the two selected holders of the Research Grant will be awarded PHP 30,000.00 for the Academic Year 2021-2022, which they may use to provide for their needs as a continuing linguistics graduate student. In no case shall additional funding be granted.

Scope of the Grant

The Research Grant shall be awarded to two graduate students per academic year. The grant is in the amount of PHP 30,000.00, which should be expended and properly liquidated within the entire academic year.

The grant may be utilized for the following expenses:

  • Tuition and other fees for the regular semesters
  • Honoraria and project staff or research assistant salaries
  • Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) such as supplies and materials, books, travel expenses, conference attendance expenses, equipment rental, sundries (document scanning, printing, and photocopying)
  • Capital Outlay (CO) such as devices necessary in the conduct of research work
  • Cost of living and everyday expenses as a continuing graduate student such as rental fees, food, local transportation, communication, and internet connection

Release of Funds

 The schedule of disbursement of the award shall be as follows:

  • 50% – First Tranche, upon signing of Terms of Reference
  • 30% – Second Tranche, upon approval of the submitted Interim Report
  • 10% – Third Tranche, upon approval of the submitted Final Report and original research manuscript
  • 10% – Fourth Tranche, upon successful public paper presentation

Obligations of the Grantee

 At the end of the grant period, the awardee must satisfy the following terms and conditions:

  • Submit financial and Interim Grant Report by the end of First Semester AY 2021-2022.
  • Submit a copy of an original research manuscript (may be a term paper submitted in one of the courses enrolled during the grant period) that focuses on an underrepresented Philippine language. The grantee will give the right of the first refusal to the Department’s official publication, The Archive journal. Should the manuscript be published, UP Department of Linguistics shall be declared as the affiliation of the author and the Professor Ernesto H. Cubar Research Grant shall be acknowledged as a source of funds.
  • The data elicited for the research project shall be turned over to the Department of Linguistics Archives.
  • Deliver a presentation in the Linguistics Student Research Colloquium in August 2022 or Linguistics Brown Bag Session which may be held at any time within Academic Year 2021-2022. Should the paper be presented in a conference or seminar outside of the Department, the UP Department of Linguistics shall be declared as the affiliation of the presenter and the Professor Ernesto H. Cubar Research Grant shall be acknowledged as a source of funds.

Settle all obligations and submit a Final Report by the end of Academic Year 2021-2022 or on the date of the General Commencement Exercises 2022, whichever is later.

Sanctions for failure to fulfill obligations

For failure to fulfill all obligations of the grant, the grantee shall be required to return all the released funds. University clearance as a requirement for graduation shall be withheld until such time the grantee has returned the funds released to them.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must submit electronic copies of the following documents:

a. Letter of nomination stating the nominee’s academic excellence and potential for conducting and successfully completing an original research project on Philippine linguistics. The nominator should be a former professor of the nominee in the graduate program of the Department of Linguistics. The letter should be addressed to:

Selection Committee

Prof. Ernesto H. Cubar Research Grant
Department of Linguistics
College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
University of the Philippines Diliman

b. An updated curriculum vitae highlighting research projects and outputs

c. Fully accomplished proposal form, duly endorsed by the recommender

Application Process

Within the period of the call for applications, the Department of Linguistics shall receive duly endorsed nominations. The Department shall see to it that the application documents are complete before endorsing them to the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee, composed of the Department’s tenured faculty who have handled graduate linguistics courses, shall come up with a shortlist of applicants. For this grant cycle, shortlisted applicants will be invited for a virtual interview via Zoom. The Committee will select one awardee based on the merits reflected in their credentials, potential of the research proposal, and result of the online interview. Additional representation of the grant’s donor may be consulted to provide insight during the selection process.

The awardee shall be notified by the Committee and will be advised with regard to arrangements for the signing of the Terms of Reference and the release of funds. Applicants whose applications for funding could not be granted during the particular round of proposals shall likewise be informed by the Committee.

List of Grantees

NameWorking Title of Research ProjectAcademic Year Granted
Edward G. EstreraGrammar Sketch of Bagobo-Klata2021-2022
Orlyn Joyce EsquivelTopicalization and clause structure in Ayta Magbukun2021-2022