Title Author Year Type
Beyond Constraints: Advancing Linguistic Consensus in Filipino Subtitling Michael Manahan 2024 Book Chapter
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The Biblical, The Moral, and the Legal Jem Javier and Madilene Landicho 2024 Book Chapter
On the Translatability of Filipino Modals and Its Impact on Disaster Communication Mary Ann Bacolod 2024 Book Chapter
Lost for Words Jesus Federico Hernandez 2024 Book Chapter
Translation Studies in the Philippines: Navigating a Multilingual Archipelago Riccardo Moratto and Mary Ann Bacolod 2024 Book
Curricular Proposal for the Institution of Korean Language Courses and Program: The UP Linguistics Experience Farah C. Cunanan 2024 Conference Proceedings
Isang Multi-criterial na Pag-iiba ng Pangngalan at Pandiwa sa Romblomanon/Ini Vincent Christopher A. Santiago 2024 Journal Article
Tagalog Linguistics: Historical development and theoretical trends Jem Javier and Elsie Marie Or 2023 Book Chapter
Grammar (of Philippine English) Shirley N. Dita, Philip Rentillo, and Aldrin P. Lee 2023 Book Chapter
Internal Variation Aldrin P. Lee and Ariane Macalinga Borlongan 2023 Book Chapter
The Structural Consequences of Lexical Transfer in Ibatan Maria Kristina S. Gallego 2023 Book Chapter
Instructions for Korean to Filipino/Tagalog Translation [한국어-필리핀 타갈로그어 번역 세부 지침] Aldrin P. Lee, Kyung Min Bae, and Maria Concepcion Loren Chua 2023 Book Chapter
The Politics of Fear and the Suppression of Indigenous Language Activism in Asia: Prospects for the United Nations’ Decade of Indigenous Languages Gerald Roche, Madoka Hammine, Jesus Federico Hernandez, and Jess Kruk 2023 Journal Article
What’s in a name? Onomastics, identities, and Philippine dictionaries Jesus Federico Hernandez 2023 Conference Proceedings
The Treatment of Selected Function Words in Monolingual Filipino Dictionaries Elsie Marie Or 2023 Conference Proceedings
I’m Still Too Far from Being An Adult [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2023 Translation - Creative Work
A Parallel Corpus-Based Comparative Analysis of Korean and Tagalog Negation Aldrin P. Lee, Ji Yeon Jeon, & Jung Hee Lee 2023 Journal Article
You’re Bound To Be Successful [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae and Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2023 Translation - Creative Work
Legacy Language Materials in the Ernesto Constantino Collection: Challenges and Lessons for Building a Philippine Language Archive Elsie Marie Or and Dustin Matthew Estrellado 2023 Journal Article
Nominal Anchoring Functions of Porohanon Common Noun Markers Vincent Christopher Santiago 2022 Conference Proceedings
Mga Pangatnig at ang Mapanuring Pag-iisip Jonathan Malicsi 2022 Book Chapter
Lexical Sources for Ibatan Maria Kristina Gallego 2022 Book Chapter
Sosyolinggwistikong Pagsusuri sa Lexical Choice ng Kontemporaryong Gamit ng Wikang Filipino Jem Javier 2022 Book Chapter
Atay, The Heart of the Matter Jesus Federico Hernandez 2022 Book Chapter
Tamaan ka ng Kidlat! — Tsibi, Parusa ng Ayta Viveca Hernandez & Cynthia Neri Zayas 2022 Book Chapter
Is Malayo-Polynesian a primary branch of Austronesian? A view from morphosyntax Maria Kristina Gallego 2022 Journal Article
The Odor Lexica of Philippine Languages Noah Cruz 2022 Conference Proceedings
Ilang Tampok na Katangian ng Ponolohiya ng Wikang Ayta Magbukun Noah Cruz & Yeddah Joy Piedad 2022 Journal Article
Indigenous Language Rights and the Politics of Fear in Asia Gerald Roche, Madoka Hammine, and Jesus Federico Hernandez 2022 Policy Brief
The Dictionary of American Family Names: Filipino Family Names Jesus Federico Hernandez 2022 Dictionary
Typological Analysis of Word Order-Related Errors from Korean into a Foreign Language: The Case of Hindi, Khmer, and Tagalog 전지연, 지화숙, Aldrin P. Lee and 이정희 2022 Journal Article
Piers Kelly’s The Last Language on Earth: Linguistic Utopianism in the Philippines Maria Kristina Gallego 2022 Book Review
1CM+ [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2022 Translation - Creative Work
Madaling Hunminjeongeum [알기 쉬운 훈민정음] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2022 Translation - Booklet
Komparatibong Pagsusuri ng Applicative/Causative Marking ng Bahasa Indonesia at Morphological Focus Marking ng Tagalog Jem Javier 2021 Journal Article
Counter-Babel: Reframing Linguistic Practices in Multilingual Philippines Maria Kristina Gallego, Jeconiah Dreisbach, Diane Manzano, Vincent Christopher Santiago, Ruanni Tupas, and Louward Allen Zubiri 2021 Journal Article
Beyond Linguistic Empowerment: Language Revitalization Through Social Justice Maria Kristina S. Gallego & Jesus Federico C. Hernandez 2021 Commentary
Every Moment Was You [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2021 Translation - Creative Work
There Are No Bad People In The World [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2021 Translation - Creative Work
You Can Wind Down From Time to Time [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2021 Translation - Creative Work
1CM Origin [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2021 Translation - Creative Work
Being Comfortable without Effort [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2021 Translation - Creative Work
Ibatan of Babuyan Claro (Philippines) – Language Contexts Maria Kristina Gallego 2020 Journal Article
Focus and Aspect in Iraya Mangyan Verbs Elsie Marie Or 2020 Journal Article
Language of the Pandemic: The #LexiCOVID Project Divine Angeli Endriga, Vincent Christopher Santiago, Noah Cruz, Jurekah Chene Abrigo, and James Dominic Manrique 2020 Journal Article
Metapora sa Panahon ng Pandemya: Ilang Tala Tungkol sa mga Metaporang may Kaugnayan sa COVID-19 Pandemic sa Wikang Filipino Noah Cruz 2020 Journal Article
I Decided To Live As Me [English Translation] Kyung Min Bae & Ma. Kristina Carla Rico 2020 Translation - Creative Work
The Philippine Performance Archive on Cultural Performances: Archive as Performative Cultural Memory and Pedagogy Sir Anril Tiatco, Bryan Viray, and Jem Javier 2019 Book chapter
Ilan sa mga Tampok na Katangian ng Gramatika ng Wikang Pangasinan Francisco Rosario, Jr. 2019 Journal article
Sana maulit muli at muli at muli: reduplikasyon para sa intensibo sa Bikol Jesus Federico Hernandez 2019 Journal article
Mga pagkakatulad ng gramatika ng mga wika sa Filipinas Jesus Federico Hernandez 2019 Journal article
Reflexives in Adult and Child Tagalog Ivan Paul Bondoc, Kamil Ud Deen, Elsie Marie Or, & Ma. Clarisse Hemedes 2019 Proceedings
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The Palo-Palo in Batanes, Philippines: From colonial legacy to performance of solidarity Sir Anril Tiatco, Madilene Landicho, and Jem Javier 2018 Journal article
Pagsusuri sa ortograpiya ng kambal-katinig sa Filipino batay sa korpus: Tuon sa reduplikasyon ng mga hiram na salita at sa mga anyong may ‘s(i)yon’ / ‘s(i)ya’ Jem Javier 2018 Journal article
Revisiting word structure in Tagalog Ria Rafael 2018 Journal article
Queen Min’s Statecraft and Her Concept of Modern Korea Aldrin Lee 2018 Conference Proceedings Paper
Ang Morphology ng Ayta Mag-antsi Jay-Ar Igno and April Perez 2018 Journal article
Ang Phonology ng Ayta Mag-Antsi Divine Angeli Endriga and Maria Paz San Juan 2018 Journal article
Savaxay and the language of kinship in Batanic communities Maria Kristina Gallego 2017 Journal article
Subcategorization of Pangasinan Verbs Francisco Rosario, Jr. 2017 Journal article
A Closer Look at the Pangasinan Verbal Affixes maN- and oN- Francisco Rosario, Jr. 2017 Journal article
Analyzing Transfer/ Cross-Linguistic Influences in Learning Japanese Language Among Filipino Students Mary Ann Bacolod 2017 Proceedings
How to Say “Bittersweet” in Korean and Create Long-Lasting Memories Aldrin Lee 2017 Travel Narratives
Defying Linguistic Norms and Expectations Farah Cunanan 2017 Conference Proceedings Paper
Ilang kritikal na tala sa Diksiyonaryo ng Wikang Pilipino ni Rosendo Ignacio Vincent Christopher Santiago 2016 Journal article
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Sinong Pasimuno?: Paggamit ng Subject at Topic sa Pag-aaral ng Wika Ria Rafael 2016 Journal article
Descent to the Sariling Mundo: Discovering the complexities of the language of mental illness and healing in Tagalog Jesus Federico Hernandez 2016 Book chapter
Bringing the Sariling Mundo to the Surface: A conceptual glossary Jesus Federico Hernandez 2016 Book chapter
A Filipino Grandmother Grimm: Subversion of Foreign Fairy Tales through Indigenization and Cultural Appropriation in Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang (The Stories of Grandmother Basyang) Jesus Federico Hernandez, Rhoda Myra Garces-Bacsal, and Ruanni Tupas 2016
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Philippine kinship and social organization from the perspective of historical linguistics Maria Kristina Gallego 2015 Journal article
Reproblematising language (in) education in the Philippines: A multidisciplinary perspective Paolo Miguel Vicerra and Jem Javier 2015 Journal article
Ang dialect area ng Bikol-Sorsogon: Isang paunang suri Farah Cunanan 2015 Journal article
Cross-linguistic gestures reflect typological universals: a subject-initial, verb-final bias in speakers of diverse languages Richard Futrell, Tina Hickey, Aldrin Lee, Eunice Lim, Elena Luchkina, and Edward Gibson 2015
Teaching Korean Language to Filipino Students Jay-Ar Igno 2015 Journal article
Beyond the “Fad”: Understanding Hallyu in the Philippines Jay-Ar Igno and Marie Cielo Cenidoza 2015 Journal article
The material and the psychological: An analysis of Tagalog clause structure using Cognitive Grammar Jem Javier 2014 Journal article
Survey of works on Philippine languages written by Chinese authors Farah Cunanan 2014 Journal article
The Pejorative Naming of Korean Women of Contemporary Korean Women: Expressing Bias Thru Language Aldrin Lee 2014 Conference Proceedings Paper
Metonymy of NANG Maria Kristina Gallego and Louward Allen Zubiri 2013 Journal article
Tabi-tabi po: Situating the narrative of the supernatural in the context of the Philippines’ community development Paolo Miguel Vicerra and Jem Javier 2013 Journal article
National decisions on the terms of the local: The Hambilanon’s tenacity on their land Paolo Miguel Vicerra and Jem Javier 2013 Conference Proceedings Paper
Beyond Folktales, Legends, and Myths: A Rediscovery of Children’s Literature in Asia Jesus Federico Hernandez and Rhoda Myra Garces-Bacsal 2013 Book
Tales from the fringe : the representation of people with disabilities in contemporary Philippine children´s literature Jesus Federico Hernandez and Rhoda Myra Garces-Bacsal 2013 Journal article
Dayalektolohiya ng Inonhan sa Isla de Carabao, Romblon Jem Javier 2012 Journal article
Pang-ukol sa Filipino Jonathan Malicsi 2012 Journal article
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MTBMLE in the Philippines: Perceptions, attitudes, and outlook Maria Kristina Gallego and Louward Allen Zubiri 2011 Conference Proceedings Paper
Pasok sa Banga: Ang mga Sosyolek bilang Batis ng mga Salita sa Filipino Jesus Federico Hernandez 2011 Book chapter
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Hindi Ka Pa Huli: An Ethnolinguistic Approach to Filipino Time Farah Cunanan 2010 Conference Proceedings Paper
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Aeta Lessons from Mount Pinatubo: Restore the Forest, Revive Heritage Viveca Hernandez 2010 Conference Proceedings Paper
Overcoming disasters : lessons from post-disaster interventions in Japan, and Southeast Asia Amelia Fajardo, Viveca Hernandez and Cynthia Zayas 2010 Book
Starting where the children are: A collection of essays on mother tongue-based multilingual education and language issues in the Philippines Ricardo Ma. Nolasco, Francisco Andres Datar, and Arnold Azurin 2010 Book
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Some Problems Posed by the Use of Foreign Terminologies Jonathan Malicsi 1981 Conference Proceedings Paper
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