Support the Department

Thank you very much for your interest in supporting the work that we do at the Department! Your donations are put to work supporting the studies and research work of our students. Your donations will also help towards the preservation and promotion of Philippine languages and dialects, and research on improving foreign language education tailored to the needs of the Filipino people.

Donations can be made to the Department of Linguistics or to more specialized funds listed below:

Linguistics Scholarship & Wellness Fund

Founded in 2019 through the funds raised by the alumni of the Department, the Linguistics S&W Fund aims to provide financial assistance to Linguistics majors in need and funding support for Linguistics majors’ fieldwork and other linguistics-related research activities, including students’ participation in conferences, workshops, and competitions.

Ernesto H. Cubar Research Grant

Founded in April 2021 to honor Prof. Cubar and his contributions to the field of Philippine linguistics, the EHC Research Grant is awarded to selected graduate students working on lesser-studied Philippine languages and dialects.

To learn more about how to support the Department and donate to these funds, please email us at

Give to UP

You can also explore other ways to give back to the University by visiting the UP Padayon Public Service Office website, where you can learn about the various campus- and system-wide campaigns and programs that you can support.

With Dr. Richard Scheerer, who bequeathed digital copies of the articles and letters written by his grandfather, Otto Johns Scheerer