#LexiCOVID: The Language of the Pandemic

The #LexiCOVID Project was an online initiative carried out in two phases: in August 2020 and August 2021. The main goals were to look into words and concepts Filipinos associated with the pandemic, to document language as used in this unprecedented moment in our history, to understand how we made sense of the circumstances, and to describe our collective experience. 

The survey featured the top 5 words associated with the pandemic (2020: quarantine, COVID, ayuda, lockdown, social distancing). The word vaccine/bakuna topped the 2021 survey together with quarantine, COVID, pandemic, and lockdown. It also asked the emotions generally felt by the populace in these times (anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, sadness, hope) and some of the words used in different localities (e.g., CEB amping, katap, suob/tuob; WAR bangot; ILK baro a kadawyan; KAP miyambunan;  KNE sedey,  Abra pink pass). Also included are words related to social behavior like terminologies for work (WFH, vidcall), education (online classes, self-learning modules), social life and events (e-numan, quaranfling, teleparty), online shopping (plantito/a, add to cart, online palengke), vaccination (first/second dose, bakuna blouse) and a plethora of neologisms (Ms. Rona, covidcation, Zoomustahan, quarandines, resbakuna).

Results of the 1st phase can be accessed here:



For the 2nd phase, here: 


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Endriga, D. A., Santiago, V. C., Cruz, N., Abrigo, J. C., and Manrique, J. D. (2022). Language of the Pandemic: The #LexiCOVID Project. Diliman Review, 64 (1).