For Undergraduate Students

UP students enjoy many privileges as “Iskolar ng Bayan.” There are also many options that are available to help fund their studies, as well as opportunities to study abroad in partner universities.

Scholarships & Grants

The UP Office of Scholarships & Grants (OSG) under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has different programs that grant financial support to students. The OSG also supervises the Student and Graduate Assistantship (SAGA) Program, which is a financial aid program granting cash to students for their work rendered to the University.

Our Department also has a Scholarship and Wellness Fund which students can apply to for research funding, short-term, or emergency financial aid.

Study Abroad

The Department recommends that its students participate in one of the many outbound and international programs available to UP students to further enrich their educational experience, broaden their knowledge, and increase their cultural awareness. These programs may last from a few weeks to a full year.

To see the list of our partner universities and to inquire about available outbound programs, visit the Office of International Linkages (OIL).

Research Opportunities

Students who are considering pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in the future are highly recommended to take advantage of opportunities to collaborate in research projects conducted by faculty and graduate students of the Department. Visit the Job Opportunities page to see if there are student or research assistant positions available.

In order to further develop their skills as researchers, students are also encouraged to submit their papers for presentation at the Linguistics Research Colloquium or at the Philippine Linguistics Congress. Visit the Conferences page to find out various platforms for research dissemination that are available.