The Ernesto Constantino Collection Archiving and Digitization Project

This project aims to create a digital catalogue of Dr. Ernesto Constantino’s personal collection. The collection, which is on loan from the University Archives, contains the late professor’s academic book collection, notes and manuscripts, as well as audio recordings and transcripts of linguistic data from various Philippine languages that Dr. Constantino and his research assistants documented from around the 1960s to the 1990s. These data, which the project also aims to preserve and digitize, are extremely valuable to the field of Philippine linguistics and for the promotion and maintenance of Philippine language as many of these languages that were recorded by Dr. Constantino are now at risk.

Other academic documents in the collection might also be of use in the documentation and study of the historical development of linguistics and social sciences in the Philippines given Dr. Constantino’s prominent role in the academe during his 36 years of service to the University beginning in 1959 to 1995. The collection also includes some of Dr. Cecilio Lopez’s notes and manuscripts, which might have been passed on to Dr. Constantino before his retirement. Dr. Lopez is known as the “Father of Philippine Linguistics” and was a central figure in the institutionalization of the Philippines’ National Language.

Project Members

Fund Source

UP OVCRD-OEC Extension Grant (UPD-EG No. 212107)
Term: October 2021-October 2022


Or, E.M. and Estrellado, D.M. (2023). Legacy Language Materials in the Ernesto Constantino Collection: Challenges and Lessons for Building a Philippine Language ArchiveThe Archive Journal, 4 (1-2), 157-207.