For Graduate Students

UP graduate students can avail different services and apply for grants that can support their studies and research during their stay at the University.

Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to engage in collaborative research projects conducted by faculty and other graduate students of the Department. You can visit the Job Opportunities page to see if there are student or research assistant positions available, or consult with a faculty member on research that you wish to undertake.

Students are also encouraged to submit their papers for presentation at the Linguistics Research Colloquium or at the Philippine Linguistics Congress. Visit the Conferences page to find out various platforms for research dissemination that are available. You are also highly encouraged to submit your manuscripts to The Archive, the Department’s official peer-reviewed academic journal, for publication.

Research Grants

The UP Office of International Linkages (OIL) offers funding support for graduate students to be able to present their research at international conferences. Application for the travel grant can be submitted anytime and is processed based on merit and availability of funds.

The UP Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) has a thesis and dissertation grant program, which aims to assist regular faculty members, teaching associates, teaching fellows, and members of the University’s research, extension, and professional staff (REPS) in active service to complete their master’s theses or doctoral dissertation.

The Ernesto H. Cubar Research Grant offers funding specifically for linguistics graduate students working on lesser-studied languages in the Philippines. Find out more about this grant and how to apply by clicking the link below.

Financial Aid

The UP Office of Scholarships & Grants (OSG) under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has different programs that grant financial support to students. The OSG also supervises the Student and Graduate Assistantship (SAGA) Program, a financial aid program granting cash to students for their work rendered to the University.

Our Department also has a Scholarship and Wellness Fund, which students can apply to for research funding, short-term or emergency financial aid.