Summer Seminar in Linguistics

The Department periodically conducts special training seminars for professionals engaged in work related to the field of linguistics such as language teachers and translators. These seminars tackle the linguistic aspects of these languages to encourage them to teach based on linguistic findings and better equip them when faced with questions about language structure and grammar. The seminar also caters to language and linguistics enthusiasts who want to advance their skills in the scientific study of language.

The topics of the Summer Seminar in Linguistics offered by the Department include but are not limited to the following:

Cluster Class Topic
Theoretical LinguisticsLinguistics for Language TeachersIntroductory linguistics course for teachers of Philippine and foreign languages
Phonetics & PhonologyThe sounds of human languages and the sound patterns of individual languages
MorphologyThe science of word formation
SyntaxThe structure of clauses
SemanticsThe study of linguistic meanings
Historical Linguistics and Language DocumentationDiachronic LinguisticsDiachronic linguistic analysis and the subgrouping of Philippine languages
Language DocumentationData collection and archiving
DialectologyDiscovering systematic speech varieties
Applied LinguisticsEthnolinguisticsDiscovering cultural systems and knowledge through languages
LexicographyWriting dictionaries
PsycholinguisticsLanguage and the mind
SociolinguisticsLanguage and society
TranslationLinguistic issues and methods in translation
Foreign Language EducationStrategies and methods for teaching and learning foreign languages