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This page serves as a digital repository for the conference proceedings, books of abstracts, and other resource materials generated from previous installments of the Philippine Linguistics Congress (PLC). In line with objectives of the PLC when it was first established in 1978 by then Chair Dr. Jonathan C. Malicsi, the PLC Digital Repository hopes to represent an ever-growing body of knowledge that chronicles how the study of Philippine languages has advanced through the years based on the research outputs read and discussed at the PLC by scholars of Philippine linguistics from different parts of the world.

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1st Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 29 May to 02 June 1978

Convener: Jonathan Malicsi

Theme: Trends in Philippine Linguistics

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Ang Historikal na Pag-aaral ng mga Wika sa Pilipinas
Consuelo J. Paz

Sikolinggwistikang Pilipino: Pananaw at Tunguhin
Virgilio Enriquez

Some Unpopular Analyses of Sentences as and Constructions With Missing Constituents
Ernesto H. Cubar

A Bibliography and Brief Review of Work Done on the Grammars of Philippine Languages
Fe T. Otanes

Beyond Linguistics: A Humanistic Approach to Language Teaching
Nelia G. Casambre

Ethnolinguistics Concerns in the Philippines
Jonathan Malicsi

Where is Sociolinguistics Now in the Philippines and What is Its Direction
Emy M. Pascasio

Ang Lingguistikang Pilipino: Kasaysayan, Kalagayan at Patutunguhan
Emilita Cruz, Leith Casel, and Anicia del Corro

2nd Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 02-06 June 1980

Convener: Ernesto H. Cubar

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Ang Filipino at mga Wikang Katutubo sa Palawan
Erlinda D. San Juan

The Role of Linguistics in Second Language Teaching Methodology
Rosario E. Maminta

Rebyu ng Pag-aanalays ng Wika sa Pilipinas
Anicia del Corro

A Reaction Paper on the Speech of Dr. Ponciano B.P. Pineda, Director, Surian ng Wikang Pambansa
Pedro A. Guasa, Jr.

Pagpaplano ng Wika Ukol sa Pambansang Pagsulong
Ponciano B.P. Pineda

Pag-aanalaysa ng mga wika sa Pilipinas (abstract)
Ernesto Constantino

Language, Culture, and Personality
Prospero R. Covar

Ang mga wikang Filipino at ang Kaunlarang Pambansa
Greg Laconsay

3rd Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 31 May-02 June 1983

Convener: Ernesto Constantino

Theme: Studies on Philippine minor languages

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Philippine Minor Languages and Language Planning
Bonifacio P. Sibayan

Mga Unang Pag-aaral Tungkol sa Mga Maynor na Wika
Consuelo J. Paz

A Morphological Study of Itbayat Folktales
Yuichiro Yamada

Syntactic Functions of Yadasen Nouns
Jan Tan

A Preliminary Report on the Karao Language in Benguet
Tsunekazu Moriguchi

Subject Predicate and Focus Marking in Isinay
Ernesto Constantino

From Borrowed Noun to Verb: A Study of Functional Shift in Philippine Languages
Ernesto H. Cubar

Sambal Reflexes of Proto-Austronesian Phonemes
Evan L. Antworth

Minor Languages of Mindoro
Antoon Postma, SVD

Verb Aspect in Masbateno Discourse
Elmer Wolfenden

Talaandig or Bukidnon?
Pedro A. Guasa, Jr.

Higa-onon Phrase Structure
Purita B. Quidlat

4th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Convener: Consuelo J. Paz

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Currently unavailable

5th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 30 May to 01 June 1990

Convener: Consuelo J. Paz

Theme: Mga Unibersal na mga Wika sa Pilipinas

List of Papers in the Proceedings

A Search for Semantic Primitives
Jonathan Malicsi

Ang Gitnang Konsonant-Klaster na mey Glotal
Consuelo J. Paz

Ang Pagsasalin at Ilang Unibersal Tungkol Dito
Anicia del Corro

Gemein-Philippinisch or Ur-Philippinisch? Brandstetter Revisited on Universals
Andrew Gonzalez, FSC

Komparatibong Pag-aaral ng Pluralayser ng Nawn-Preys sa Tagalog, Sebuano, Bikol at Ilokano
Viveca V. Hernandez

Structural Comparison of Four Philippine Languages
Evangeline B. Canaman

The Number of Names of the Davao Languages
Luzviminda Cagas

6th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Convener: Irma U. Peneyra

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Currently unavailable

7th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 1995

Convener: Viveca V. Hernandez

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Linguistic Statistics: A Commentary
Jonathan Malicsi

Pangasinan Anaphors: A Preliminary Study
Nieves B. Epistola

8th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 15-17 December 1997

Convener: Ricardo Ma. Nolasco

Theme: Wika at Pagpapalaya

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Pagsilang ng Wika: Kaso ng Filipino
Consuelo J. Paz

Ang Pagsasalin: Nakakapagpalaya nga Kaya?
Anicia del Corro

Ang Alfabet ng Wikang Filipino: Ilang Isyu
Maria Stella S. Valdez

Ang Broadcast Media at ang Wika
Cindy Muñoz-De Leon

Ang Linggwistiks ba ay Pag-aaral ng Wika?
Silvino S. Epistola

Linguistic Hegemony
Jonathan C. Malicsi

Salitang Bakla: Makapangyarihan? Mapagpalaya?
Eufracio Abaya at Jesus Federico Hernandez

The Role of Filipino, Sebuano and the Mindanao Languages in the Liberation and Unification of Mindanao
Luzviminda Cagas-dela Cruz

Mga Kalakaran sa Pagpaplanong Pangwika sa Edukasyon: Karanasan ng Singapore at Hong Kong
Lydia B. Liwanag

Si Bonifacio at ang Wikang Tagalog
Milagros C. Guerrero            

Un Monumento A Mi Idioma: Ambag ni Rizal sa Pag-aaral sa mga Wika ng Pilipinas
Nilo S. Ocampo

Filipino ng Kilusang Pambansa-Demokratiko (KPD): Pilosopiya at Pulitika sa Pambansang Wika
Monico M. Atienza

Takot sa Babel: Ilang Panukalang Pagkilos para sa Filipino Bukas
Virgilio S. Almario

The Structure of Tagalog-English Code Switching
Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

Ethnography of Speaking the Bikol Folk Song
Cynthia D. Nolasco

Ang Wika ng Literatura sa Darating na Dantaon
Isagani R. Cruz

Wika at Historiograpiya: Ang Pag-aaral ng Kasaysayan tungo sa Pagbubuo ng Bansa
Zeus A. Salazar

Wika, Kasarian at Sekwalidad
Lilia Quindoza-Santiago

Ang Programa ng Pagsasalin sa Wikang Hapon
Tomonobu Nagai

Ang Pagpapalaya ng Linggwistiks at Wikang Pambansa ng Pilipinas
Ernesto A. Constantino

9th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 25-27 January 2006

Convener: Emilita L. Cruz

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Origins of the Filipinos and their Languages
Wilhelm Solheim II

What Intonation Units Can Tell Us about Cebuano Grammar
Michael Tanangkingsing

Surviving without Focus: The Case of Barra
Alden Jerome Caina Mamaril

Ang mga Hispanismo sa Filipino at ang Makabagong Filipino
Teresita A. Alcantara

Typological Classification of Borrowings in Tagalog
Ekaterina A. Baklanova

How to Give and Receive in Malay and Cebuano?
Nasirin Abdillah and Rodney C. Jubilado

“Interlinears: Lack of Equivalence”
Anicia Del Corro

Philippine Linguistics Studies in Russia  
Natalia V. Zabolotnaya

Japanese Language Learning Support Systems
Osamu Sato

Notes on Cebuano-Bisayan Ethnic Identity in the Philippine Multilingualism
Yoshihiro Kobari

Key Findings for Language Planning from the National Sign Language Committee
(Status Report on the Use of Sign Language in the Philippines) 

Julius Andrada and Raphael Domingo

Filipino Sign Language in Deaf Education: Deaf and Hearing Perspectives
Marie Therese A.P. Bustos and Rowella B. Tanjusay

Insights from Lexicalized Fingerspelled Signs in Filipino Sign Language
Maricriz S. Siloterio

Lessons from the History of Filipino Sign Language
Rafaelito M. Abat (Deaf)

Making Texts More Meaningful to the Deaf Reader for Deeper Levels of Information Processing and Language Instruction
Perpilili Vivienne A. Tiongson

10th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 10-12 December 2008

Convener: Jesus Federico C. Hernandez

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Who does what to whom: Another Look at role relations in Philippine Languages
Lawrence Reid

Quo vadis Filipino?
Teresita A. Alcantara

Classroom interaction analysis of cognitive processes and strategies: Basis for prototype interactive lessons in organic chemistry
Wilfred B. Bambico

Monadic verbs in Malay and Cebuano languages
Rodney Jubilado and Nasirin bin Abdillah

The patterns of interaction of viewpoint and situation type aspect in Tagalog
Ma. Althea Enriquez

Nominal and adjectival sentences in MP: Evidence from Tagalog and Malay
Maria Khristina S. Manueli

Control constructions in Filipino
Aquiles P. Bazar III

Verbal co-indexing of non-nominatives in Southwestern Palawano
Bill Davis and Ricardo Nolasco

Visual literature and sign language linguistics
Perpilili Vivienne Tiongson and Liza B. Martinez

Ibanag nominal marking system
Shirley N. Dita

Motion in narratives: finding the way in Kavalan
Haowen Jiang

A pedagogic approach in Filipino lexicography
Peter Paul Sengson, et. al.

BV construction in Tsou and the coding of adjuncts NPs
Huei-ju Huang and Shuanfan Huang

An analysis of the code-mixing behaviors of interlocutors interacting with Filipino toddlers aged 2-4 years old
Arthea Quesada, et. al.

Dual language education program models in Philippine progressive schools
Ani Rosa Almario and Aleta R. Villanueva

Politicizing the second language classroom: Prospects for change
Noel Christian Moratilla

The impact of government policies on the indigenous languages of the Philippines
Manuel Lino Faelnar and Junica Soriano

Case-marking in the Waray-waray pronominal system
Alexandra N. Kaluag

The right to language—a call for sign language policy in the legal and judicial system
Golda S. Benjamin

The pronominal system of Binukid
Hazel Jean M. Abejuela

11th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 7-9 December 2011

Convener: Mary Ann G. Bacolod

List of Papers in the Proceedings

Linguistic insights into the history of Philippine script: graphonomic structure, sociolinguistic variation, and contact phenomena
Christopher Miller

Multiple motivations for Preposing in Philippine Languages
Michael Wilson I. Rosero

Language Maintenance of Shift: Determinants of Language Choice Among Batak Speakers in Puerto Princesa City
Teresita D. Tajolosa

The Acquisition of English Grammatical Morphemes of Multilingual University Freshmen
Eric E. Lebeco and Sharel S. Legaspi

The Emergent Tarlac Variety of Kapampangan in Tarlac City: A Descriptive Study
Anna Maria Soccorro Y. Coloma

Language and Resistance: Testimonios for Critical Language Pedagogy and Literacy
Noel Christian A. Moratilla

Transpormatibong Edukasyon sa Pagtuturo ng Maka-Filipinong Pananaliksik: Tungo sa Pagpapalakas ng Instruksyon at Programang Ekstensyon sa Unibersidad
Crizel Pascual Sicat

Uncovering Language Attitudes in Two Filipino Children’s Stories Through Discourse Analysis
Perpi Alipon-Tiongson

Refining the Agent
Divine Angeli P. Endriga

When Shit is not Shitty: An Exploration of Meaning Dynamics in relation to Culture and Normative Practice
Bernardo Nicolas Caslib, Jr.

Ang “Di-Kristiyano” bilang “Tribo,” “Infieles,” “Moros” atbp.: Kultural na Pagsasalin bilang Lunan ng Elaborasyong Semantikal sa Kolonyal na Diskursong Etnograpiko
Mary Jane B. Rodriguez-Tatel

Babae, Pagkababae, at Kababaihan: Ang Pagtanggal ng Sapi (Isang Panimulang Feministang Pagbasa sa Wika at Panitikang Tagalog)
Moreal Nagarit Camba

A Preliminary Study of the Lexical, Morphological, and Syntactic Variation of the Sorsoganon Languages
Michael John A. Jamora

Comparative Analysis of Interrogative Structures in Pangasinan and Filipino
Francisco C. Rosario, Jr.

Pinoy-Phrased: A Study on Philippine Audiovisual Translation Shifts and Norms
Honeylet E. Dumoran

12th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 26-28 November 2014

Convener: Aldrin P. Lee

Plenary Lectures

Language for Communication: Language as Logical Inference
Edward A.F. Gibson

Typology, Language Acquisition, and Experimental Linguistics: The Case of Tagalog
William O’Grady

13th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 14-16 November 2018

Convener: Farah C. Cunanan

Plenary Lectures

Field linguistics in the Philippines and its methods
Tsunekazu Moriguchi

Reassessing the position of Isinay in the Central Cordilleran family
Lawrence A. Reid

The Pinoy Version New Testament: A phenomenon in linguistics
Anicia H. del Corro

14th Philippine Linguistics Congress

Date: 24-27 August 2021

Convener: Jem R. Javier

List of Presentations

Axis Relationships in the Philippines: When Traditional Subgrouping Falls Short (Plenary Lecture)
R. David Zorc

Counter-Babel: Reframing Linguistic Practices in Multilingual Philippines (Roundtable Discussion)
Jeconiah Louis Dreisbach, Maria Kristina Gallego, Diane Manzano, Vincent Christopher Santiago, Ruanni Tupas, and Louward Allen Zubiri

Rising to the Challenge of Teaching Foreign Languages during a Pandemic
Farah Cunanan, Kritsana Canilao, Kyung Min Bae, and Ria Rafael

SIL LEAD and Translation Services in the Pandemic
Roger Stone, Ryn Jean Fe Gonzales, Manuel Tamayao, and Maria Cecilia Osorio-Van Zante

Philippine Lexicography through the Ages
Honeylet Dumoran, Divine Angeli Endriga, Vincent Christopher Santiago, Noah Cruz, James Dominic Manrique, Jurekah Chene Abrigo, and Samantha Jade Sadural

Disaster Dialogues: Analyzing Multivocal Experiences of Disaster Narrated through Various Media
Michael Manahan, Farah Cunanan, Ria Rafael, Jay-Ar Igno, Jem Javier, and Mary Ann Bacolod