Senior Lecturer Maria Concepcion Loren R. Chua‘s English translation of Dancing Snail’s Moderately Close Relationships has been recently published. Here is the summary of the book:


“Moderately Close Relationships”

Moderately Close Relationships explores the necessity of maintaining a healthy distance in relationships and surrounding yourself with people you are comfortable with. This book delves into the concept of relationship detox for those feeling overwhelmed by interpersonal connections through three parts:
Part 1: Not So Near, yet Not So Far – Explores setting and respecting boundaries, and embracing a minimalistic approach to interpersonal connections.
Part 2: It’s Okay to Not Get Along with Everyone – Affirms the validity of not always being comfortable with people, advocating self-validation, and prioritizing personal well-being over pleasing others.
Part 3: People Always Need People – Acknowledges our inherent need for human connection while advocating for healthy connections with others, even when we may not always get along.

It is currently available for sale on Apop’s website.

Published by UP Department of Linguistics