Assistant Professor Farah C. Cunanan will be delivering a talk on Wasei-Eigo at the Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE) titled “KonnichiWHAT?” organized by the UP Tomo-Kai student organization. The lecture will be held on 26 April 2024 (Friday) at the UP Diliman Alcantara Hall. Wasei-Eigo (和製英語), which literally means “Japanese-made English,” are Japanese expressions that are based on English but are not part of the lexicon of what is commonly or widely known as Standard English. 

“KonnichiWHAT?” will also feature MA Lingg alum Associate Professor Ma. Althea Enriquez of the Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas, who will discuss Taglish. 

Below is a description of the event, from the UP Tomo-Kai Facebook page:

“Both Japanese and Filipino use English loanwords, but some are being localized and used in a way that only Japanese and Filipino language users would understand. The increasing influence of English on Japanese and Filipino has become more apparent because of the increased interconnectedness among countries and the exposure to international social media content, which is mostly in English. 

As these languages continue to be influenced by Western concepts, there comes the need to ask how this has contributed to the evolution of languages and how there is also a possibility for it to be contributing to the decline of the local identity of Filipino and Japanese.”

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