Senior Lecturer Maria Concepcion Loren Chua has completed teaching a two-week Filipino-as-a-foreign-language course as part of Jeonbuk National University’s Southeast Asian Language Summer Camp from 18 July to 29 July 2022.

This year’s two-week Filipino language class was held online and attended by thirteen (13) Korean students from various universities and organizations. They focused on learning beginner expressions, grammar, and vocabulary. The participants also took part in several writing, reading, and speaking activities on topics such as self-introduction, naming things in the classroom, ordering in a restaurant, and shopping, among others. Aside from these, topics on Filipino culture were also introduced during the ten sessions.

One of the participants, Dr. Ji Yeon Jeon (National Institute of Korean Language), who is the coordinator of the Filipino Language unit of the Korean-Foreign Language Parallel Corpus Project, shared that she gained basic knowledge in Filipino, which will help her understand the structure and system of the language and that will be helpful for her to carry out the parallel corpus project. She looks forward to taking the intermediate level of the Filipino language course, and feels that this language camp enabled Koreans to be closer to the Philippines. In addition, Jeonbuk National University also mentioned that they are interested in continuing to offer Filipino language classes in the coming years.

Congratulations to Yen on the success of her first Filipino-as-a-foreign-language course!

Published by UP Department of Linguistics