The Department congratulates Associate Professor Maria Kristina S. Gallego on being awarded the UP International Publication Award (IPA) for her chapter on lexical transfer in the Ibatan language.

The Structural Consequences of Lexical Transfer in Ibatan,” which Chair Gallego wrote for the book, Traces of Contact in the Lexicon: Austronesian and Papuan Studies, was published by Brill in 2023. In it, the development and paradigm of the durative verbal prefix pag- in Ibatan as a contact-induced morphological change was investigated. 

This chapter is adapted from Dr. Gallego’s doctoral dissertation, and a similar study has been published in The Legacy of Consuelo J. Paz: A Festschrift in 2022. 

The IPA is awarded to faculty members, researchers, project researchers, and thesis students whose journal articles are published in international peer-reviewed journals, and to faculty members, REPS, and professors emeriti who have written books or book chapters published by international academic publishers and university presses. 

Pagbati, Chair!

Published by UP Department of Linguistics