Assistant Professor Ria Rafael is currently in Saitama, Japan participating in the Comprehensive Japanese Teaching Methods Program for Teachers of the Japanese Language at the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute. The six-week program aims to introduce, organize, and expand teachers’ knowledge of methodologies and strategies for teaching Japanese as a foreign language (JFL). Participants of the program will review their educational practices and philosophies, and consider how they might utilize the content of the training program in their own classes. They will also attend lectures and workshops which aim to further develop the teachers’ knowledge of Japanese culture, while discussing ways by which lessons on Japanese culture can be integrated in Japanese language education and inculcate cross-cultural understanding among learners.

Thirty-one (31) JFL teachers from nineteen (19) countries are participating in this year’s autumn session of Japan Foundation’s all-expenses-paid teacher training program. Rafael is one of the two Filipino JFL teachers selected for the program.

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