Faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni of the Department will be participating at the 16th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (16-ICAL) which starts today, 20 June, and runs until 24 June. The conference is co-organized by the De La Salle University, UP Department of Linguistics, and the Linguistic Society of the Philippines. 

Department Chair Maria Kristina Gallego will be presenting the paper, “Proto-Philippines: Facts and fictions revisited,” co-written with Victoria Chen, Jonathan  Kuo,  Isaac  Stead,  and Benjamin van der Voorn, at the themed panel, “New approaches to contact issues in the subgrouping of Austronesian linguistic relations.”

Instructor Vincent Christopher A. Santiago, and MA Candidates Johans B. Cruz,  Earvin Christian T.  Pelagio, and Edward G. Estrera will be discussing data from different languages as part of the themed panel on “E and O in Philippine Languages.”

Next, Assoc. Prof. Aldrin Lee, and PhD Candidates Honeylet Dumoran and Rynj Gonzales will be presenting on Cuyonon morphosyntax, Bilic languages marking and reference, and Itneg-Inlaud coreferencing, respectively. 

For paper presentations, Instructor and MA Candidate Noah D.U. Cruz will be sharing his findings on Philippine linguonyms. Asst. Prof. Jay-ar Igno will be talking about the non-verbal morphology of Ayta Mag-antsi and Sambal Ayta, while Senior Lecturer Kenichiro Kurusu will be presenting on “Phonetically driven vowel intrusion between plosive-liquid consonant clusters in Tagalog.”

MA Lingg alums Diane A. Manzano (“Spatial and Existential Deictics in Inati”), Ivan Paul M. Bondoc (“Pivot placement in Tagalog is strongly preferred in the second argument position: Evidence from a sentence processing experiment” co-authored with David S. Ramsay), and Louward Allen Zubiri (“Revisiting the Agta Languages of Bikolandia;” “Features of Child-Directed Speech in Heritage Bikol Acquisition” co-authored with Kamil Deen) will be presenting, as well. BA Lingg alum Daniel Kaufman will meanwhile share his work on “Resegmentation and the fecundity of Philippine morphology.”

The following papers authored by our students were also accepted for presentation at the conference:

  • “Frequency of Usage of Verb Triggers versus Prepositions and Headless Relative Clauses in Tagalog” by Dave Ryan Mikhail S. Go
  • “Zamboanga and Cavite Chavacano: A Comparative Analysis of the  Differential Object Marking and the Verbalizer man” by Abee M. Eijansantos
  • “A Preliminary Analysis of Modality in Paranan” by Friedrich Andres Aquino
  • “Indigenized forms of Spanish in Tagalog” by Naidyl Isis C. Bautista
  • “Morphosyntax of Non-Actor Focus Imperative Constructions in Marinduque Tagalog” by Reb L. Nuñez
  • “Affix-Based Subcategorization of Surigaonon Verbs” by Ava A. Villareal
  • “Syntactic Constraints on Nonpersonal Genitive Marking in Tausug” by Edward G. Estrera (co-authored with Nuriza P Jalani)
  • “Existential Constructions in Kalinga Butbut and Itneg Inlaud” by Rodessa Galao and Ryn Jean Fe Gonzales (co-authored with Romie Yac-ao)

Visiting Research Fellow Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara (University of Massachusetts Amherst) will be giving his early career plenary talk on “The state of the art in Philippine psycholinguistics,” while Visiting Research Fellows Sonja Riesberg and Maria Bardají Farré (University of Cologne) will be presenting about “Word order in undergoer voice constructions is determined by prominence, word order in actor voice isn’t” and “Actor voice as a discourse-structuring device: an experimental approach” (co-authored with Norielle Adricula and Nikolaus P. Himmelmann). 

Meanwhile, the following poster presentations will be done by current and former students:

  • “Probing the Influence of Heavy NP Shift on Tagalog Word Order Preferences” by Ivan Bondoc (co-authored with Karina Cheung)
  • “Orthographic Decision-Making in Philippine Languages: A Glimpse into the Orthographic Choices in the Ibaloy Bible” by Rodessa Galao
  • “Beyond ‘mukha’: An ethnolinguistic exploration of face metaphors and metonymies in some Philippine Languages” by Rolien Mark M. Balisi
  • “‘Lingg, Ang Bato!’: The Rocks and Minerals in Philippine Languages” by Jesus Jayson V. Pedrigal

MA student Rodessa Galao will also be part of the plenary panel, “What can linguists learn from language users in documenting a language? The experiences of northern Philippine language communities.” Department Chair Maria Kristina Gallego will be facilitating the panel.

Finally, Asst. Profs. Francisco Rosario, Jr. and Divine Angeli Endriga, and Inst. Vincent Christopher Santiago will be facilitating a workshop titled, “Decolonizing Philippine Linguistics: Where are we? Where can we go?”

Congratulations to everyone whose papers were accepted for presentation! For more information, you may visit the conference website at https://www.lsphil.net/16ical

Published by UP Department of Linguistics