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Aya Dela Cruz participates in BCLT Literary Translation Summer School

03 August 2023
Cassandra “Aya” Dela Cruz, an alumna of the 2022 Filipino KFL Teacher Training Program, took part in the Literary…

Jay-Ar Igno appointed as coordinator of OSPA

02 August 2023
Assistant Professor Jay-Ar Igno has been appointed as the coordinator of the Office of Student Projects and Activities (OSPA),…

Alang sa katawhan pero paano nga ba?

01 August 2023
Below is the speech delivered by BA Ling summa cum laude graduate, Brian Salvador Baran, at the recognition ceremony of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy…

Pagbati, Dr. Jem R. Javier!

31 July 2023
Congratulations to Assistant Professor Jem Javier on getting his PhD in Linguistics! His doctoral dissertation is titled “

Congratulations, UP Linguistics Batch 2023!

30 July 2023
Congratulations to our 24 BA Ling students and our two PhD Ling graduates, Dr. Jem…

Yen Chua teaches Filipino at Jeonbuk National University Southeast Asian Language Summer Camp

27 July 2023
Senior Lecturer Maria Concepcion Loren Chua was once again invited to teach a two-week Filipino language course at the Jeonbuk National…

Louward Zubiri on decolonization and the Bikol Multilingual Corpus Project

25 July 2023
University of Hawai’i at Manoa PhD student and one of the Department’s BA & MA Ling alumni, Louward Allen…

Tuting Hernandez to present plenary lecture at the Pambansang Seminar Workshop sa Wika

22 July 2023
Associate Professor Tuting Hernandez is one of the plenary speakers at this year’s Pambansang Seminar Workshop sa Wika, organized by the

Bae & Rico publish translation of “I’m Still Too Far from Becoming An Adult”

12 July 2023
Congratulations to Assistant Professor Kyung Min Bae and Senior Lecturer Ma. Kristina Carla Rico on their latest publication, the…

Rynj Gonzales on Itneg Inlaud serial verb constructions 

03 July 2023
In the latest installment of the 2023 Philippine Indigenous Languages Lecture Series (PILLS), PhD Candidate Ryn Jean Fe V. Gonzales shared her preliminary…