Congratulations to assistant professors Kristina Gallego, Jem Javier, and Elsie Marie Or on being awarded the UP International Publication Award (IPA) for their respective publications!

Gallego received the IPA for her article titled “Is Malayo-Polynesian a primary branch of Austronesian? A view from morphosyntax,” which was published in Diachronica, an international journal for historical linguistics. She co-authored this article with an international group of scholars: Victoria Chen (Victoria University of Wellington), Jonathan Kuo (National Taipei University of Technology), and Isaac Stead (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. The paper presents a reanalysis of the affix *ma- and how it points to a closer connection between the Eastern Formosan subgroup and the languages that belong to the Malayo-Polynesian subgroup. The authors findings corroborates with recent findings in archaeology and genetics, which present evidence showing that the dispersal of Austronesian people most likely started from the eastern coast of Taiwan, and that the Amis, an indigenous Austronesian group in Taiwan, bear a significantly closer relationship to Austronesian communities outside of Taiwan.

Javier and Or earned their IPA for the chapter titled “Tagalog Linguistics: Historical Development and Trends,” which they wrote for The Routledge Handbook of Asian Linguistics. In this paper, they trace important milestones in the history of scholarship on the Tagalog grammatical system–from the Spanish Colonial period to the present time–and discuss certain features of Tagalog grammar which have been the subject of analysis and debate among linguists.

The IPA is awarded by the UP System to its faculty members, researchers, project researchers, and thesis students whose journal articles are published in international peer-reviewed journals, and to faculty members, REPS, and professors emeriti who have written books or book chapters published by international academic publishers and university presses.

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Published by UP Department of Linguistics