Assistant Professor Elsie Marie T. Or is now in Naples, Italy, to pursue a PhD in Asian, African, and Mediterranean Studies at the Università di Napoli L’Orientale (UNIOR), under the Next Generation EU – National Recovery and Resilience Project scholarship. 

The PhD program in Asian, African, and Mediterranean Studies offered by UNIOR is a three-year research doctorate program, which requires students to obtain learning credits by participating in seminars, conferences, training workshops, publishing papers, and/or working in the editorial board of journals and newsletters. Following the Philology-Linguistics-Literature Curriculum, the program also requires its students to complete a doctoral dissertation to obtain the PhD degree.

During her stint as a PhD student in UNIOR, Asst. Prof. Or plans to work on a research project that aims to investigate the linguistic practices of Filipino immigrants in the Campania region of Italy, gathering sociolinguistic and documentary data to learn more about the attitudes, language use, and multilingual development of first- and second-generation Filipino immigrants in Italy. Specifically, she aims to describe how language affects the integration of Filipino immigrants into Italian society, how they construct their identity in relation to the languages that they speak, and the cross-linguistic influences that might be brought about by language contact. Upon her completion of her PhD, she will be returning to UP to further develop her specialization in multilingualism and language contact, to enhance these strands in the research agenda of the Department.

Asst. Prof. Or is an alum of the MA Linguistics program of the Department, for which she wrote a thesis documenting the grammar of Iraya Mangyan, spoken in the island of Mindoro.

In bocca al lupo, Prof.ssa Elsie!

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