Three recent research projects on Philippine ethnolinguistics were showcased at the Research Seminar in Ethnolinguistics held on 18 November 2021 via Zoom. The invited papers presented were as follows: “Ang Bumaruon ng mga Ilubu: Metodo, mga karanasan, at hamon sa pagkalap ng datos sa field” by Daryl Pasion, “Kaya, kayanon, makaya pa man”: The concept of measurements in the four select Bisayan language varieties” by Peter Jon Mendoza, and “The Philippine kinship system and culture history: Classification, inheritance, and borrowing” by Orlyn Joyce Esquivel.

Pasion’s paper talked about the linguistic approaches and field methodology used in analyzing the concept of justice (Bumaruon) among the Ilubu. His paper also discussed the different challenges and experiences he encountered in doing ethnolinguistic research. 

Meanwhile, Mendoza presented an analysis of the network of words used to describe measurements in four Bisayan language varieties (Davao, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga del Sur), focusing on dimensions of measures in appreciation and general scales.

Lastly, Esquivel’s paper discussed the culture-specific kinship categories, the different influences, as well as the conceptual organization of genealogical relations focusing on the major Austronesian languages in the Philippines.

Pasion is an assistant professor at the Department of Humanities, University of the Philippines (UP) Los Baños and an alumnus of our Department’s MA in Linguistics program. Mendoza and Esquivel are currently working towards their PhD and MA degrees respectively at our Department.

The event was organized by the LinggPil 375 (Etnolinggwistiks sa Pilipinas) class handled by Assoc. Prof. Mary Ann G. Bacolod, to inspire the present linguistics graduate students to work on their own ethnolinguistic research. LinggPil 375 is a cognate PhD linguistics course occasionally offered to graduate students at UP Diliman.

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Published by UP Department of Linguistics